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What is Illumicase?

Illumicase is a New Style of Cell Phone Case!


Light-Up ‘Illuminators’

These are glowing icons that can change colors by a click of a button, matching your look.


Creative Logos

What does your Illumicase say about you? Maybe you’re fearless. Or maybe imaginative. Whatever it might be, showcase it through Illumicase.


Interchangeable Pieces

Your Illuminator and Logo can be switched out anytime. Why be stuck with the same phone case for 2 years? Change up your style everyday!

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Limited Edition

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Limited Edition

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Meet the Innovator

Pursuing the Next Creative Idea...

Creativity is what makes us all unique. Illumicase was founded to bring those ideas to life by following Walt Disney’s words­ “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

All of us here at Illumicase can’t wait to help you find that perfect look to showcase your personality – No matter how often it changes.

Luke Olson

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Send us an email. We would love to get to know you and hear what you have to say.